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The Logical Consequences of the 2008 Olympics

The Logical Consequence
of the
2008 Summer Olympics
in Beijing, China

No one can deny that the 2008 Summer Olympics symbolized a crucial dividing point for the world at large—more so than the South Ossetia tragedy—and was the priming set off to sanction the political, economic and social revolution that will horror-strike the worn-out status quo of Judeo-Christian “Democratic” Capitalism with us for more than some centuries. This diffusion will be accomplished “without firing a shot” as the Chinese forward motion brings to reality, drop by drop, with abundant doses of Capitalism’s very own medicine, the nightmare of John Kenneth Galbraith: the success of Capitalism is its demise! We must all bow to the ingenuity of the Chinese people and their unwearied and clever leaders. I cite one, Sun Tzu: “Therefore, the skilful leader subdues the enemy’s troops without any fighting; he captures their cities without laying siege to them; he overthrows their kingdom without lengthily operations in the field.” In other words, as empire-watcher Rudyard Kipling was once keen to make note of, centuries-old governmental conglomerates do not go out with a big bang, they depart with a whimper. The Chinese are well aware that the West is not consuming to possess; it is possessed to consume! And the Chinese ersatz Capitalism is at the ready to furnish all the junk that is demanded of them. When Hong Kong law-making officials visited the Chinese mainland to gripe about the pollution drifting from southern China to the ex-British possession, Chinese bureaucrats told them flat out: “Stop ordering all this useless crap!” With true Milton Friedmanish panache, post-Olympic fervour was heralded with a 10% upsurge in wholesale prices for the People’s Republic of China’s items for consumption. One world, one dream! Everyone is doing it, n’est pas? “If you give them enough rope, they will hang themselves,” speculated Karl Marx. And that is exactly what they are doing! Western political and economic hegemony is on the wane.

The principal purveyors of political, economic, cultural and social policy extending heavy-handed rule over foreign countries—Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, The Netherlands, The DisUnited Kingdom, and their kingpin, The DisUnited States of America—now find themselves challenged as never before notwithstanding their often turbulent histories. Having lost any perception of authority and/or authenticity, these Concocters of Consent, their consent!, these Rulers of the Truth, their truth!, these Proponents of Judeo-Christian “Democratic” Capitalism, their capitalism!, now have their backs against the wall. Vicious societal agitation against them, duplicitous oligarchic socialists (olisocists), is rampant throughout the world. Uncertainty is a certainty. Foreboding is the order of the day. It is as if a grand conflict, a universal war (World War III/Universe War I) is looming in the inner selves of people—still again! Is an Armageddon between The Haves and The Have-Nots in the offing? A super clash, to outdo all the others, set on its deleterious course centuries ago? Who is going to redeem Western Culture? Who is going to pull The Old World out of its nosedive? Who is going to call the tune for The New Europe? Who is going to skipper us through our Sea of Hypocrisy? John Sidney McCain III? Barack Obama? A paedophilic Pope?

For every action there is a reaction. Have you thought about the atrocities committed against indigenous Canadian children? Hundreds of thousands of aborigines have! Have you thought about the criminal colonization of vast parts of Africa by the French? Hundreds of millions of Africans have! Have you thought about the millions massacred in the Soviet Union by the Germans and Italians? Millions of Soviet families have! Have you thought about the disgusting occupation of Libya by the Italians? Colonel Gheddafi has! Have you thought about the rape of Nanjing by the Japanese? The Chinese have! Have you thought about the millions of Hispanic natives slaughtered by the Spanish? The Venezuelans and the Colombians have! Have you thought about the Indonesian killings perpetrated by the Dutch? The Indonesians have! Have you thought about the worldwide imperialistic control actuated by the British? At least the Indians have! Have you thought about the bombings, which have exterminated millions all over the world, by the Northamericans? The Europeans, the Southamericans, the Asians, those in the Middle East have!

Oh, my dear, wretched Western Civilization, how could you have been so haywire for so many centuries? There is not a crevice in any part of this world into which the blood spilt from your self-righteous violence has not seeped. On each and every one of the continents millions upon innumerable millions close their hearts to your debaucheries, and they crawl into themselves in disgust and foreboding endeavouring to find, in desperation, a reason to believe that this Life has a semblance of Beauty and Promise and Goodwill that has never been allocated to them suffering, starving, solicitous, saddled, sagging, sapped, scared, schizoid, shackled, shamed, shattered, skewered, slighted, soused, sordid, spooked, squashed, stigmatised, strapped, submerged, subordinated, supplanted, systematized…. Will you please tell me who do you think you are hoodwinking rummaging around so? The whole of humanity? A very big part of it? The largest part of it you can get your mitts on?

Oh, despicable, pitiable Western Empire, Land of the Setting Sun, Caldron simmering in hungering desperation to regain the smacks of the Past, You seek to lunge ahead on the energy of Your logic and hopes not yet lionized. You call upon Your histories to lend strength to Your fantasies. You coil up hard on Your proud self wrinkled and weather-beaten. You struggle to nurture new flowers on the dry rot of Your haunted memories. Your youth, sniffed upon by strapped canine squads, rape-hate in Your stadiums striped with electronic rejoinders to press softly-pliant, gaily-tinged plastic buttons. Your elderly curl their ways to bankrupt health ministries where physicians fool with forms and fill in football pools. Your neighbours to the East—brazen, sordid—yank towards You roughly extracting for exacting theirs craved for. You, Western Civilization, sit pickled—soused in the juices of Your scummy heretofore. Your dabblers in politics set flags unfurled and their powers shame—shame!—this Our world.

Oh! Miserable Western Civilization, Your Past just does not want to pass,
does it?

Authored by Anthony St. John
Casella Postale 38

11 September 2008

* * *

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