Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poetry Vietnam 2

Extract from A Book of Vietnam "War" Poetry

Bob Hope, The Draft Dodger

Bob Hope ain’t no dope;
Spiels out heaps of hope.
Buys bonds stacked so pat;
Hoards his chicken fat.
Tells jokes to the boys;
Eyes on business ploys.
Flies on safest route,
Far from where they shoot.
Tours with luscious girls;
Sweeps by as do royals.
With his frozen smile,
He’s sent miles and miles.
At home Mom’s heart throbs;
Bob’s made globs from sobs.

On stage bosoms bob;
Right by there’s old Bob.
Smart quips shake the crowd;
Bob smirks as if proud.
R. Welch beats her meat;
Les Brown meets his beat.
HI FOLKS! Held on high;
Moms home mope and cry.
Big brass in front row;
Where’s gone our foe?
Green sea of G.I.’s;
Raquel’s pulled all eyes.
Bob fakes support role,
While she takes calls’ roll.
Raw meat for caged souls;
Bob’s met all his goals.

CRASH! BOOM! The show’s switched,
From nitwits to bomb hits.
Bob’s off and in-flight;
Away with all his might.

7 December 1995

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