Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poetry Vietnam 7

Extract from A Book of Vietnam "War" Poetry

You’re in the Army Now:
You’re Not Behind the Plough

Oh, shit!
I’m not behind the plough;
I’m in the Army now.

All is green and mean;
All is schemed and lean.

Not Air Force blues,
Just like Sue’s.

No Air Force starch,
With range to march.

No toilet bowls,
That flush when told.

No! I’m in the fucking Army now…

All is trudge and mud;
All is spuds and crud.

Not Navy whites,
On cool, soft nights.

No filmed shows,
With drinks iced cold.

No crisp, cleaned clothes,
And bunks to doze.

No! I’m in the fucking Army now…

All is Days to Go;
All is Where’s the Foe?

Not Marine teams:
Battlefield screams.

No hills to take,
And buddies’ wakes.

No gung-ho push,
Through the thick bush.

No! I’m in the fucking Army now…but not in the Marines!

25 May 1997

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