Saturday, February 21, 2009

Poetry by Me, Anthony 9

Adidas ZX 600

A state of the art running shoe,
Absorbing stress as legs strike;
That tenders months of use so true,
And fine feelings nearly dovelike.

Synthetic suedes set the fashion,
And flex points ease curls in tendons;
Pre-moulded supports made of nylon;
Polyfibers clock shock absorptions.

Forefoots designed to give support,
To let the jogger feel comfort;
And padded collars with soft protect,
To offer top runs near perfect.

ADIDAS coils me, springs me tall!
High to the sky, down to the ground!
Zlip-zound, zlip-zound, zlip-zound, zlip-zound—
ZX Six-hundred heeds my call!

17 July 1987

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